Knowledge Democracy and Epistemic In/Justice: Reflections on a Conversation

 « Knowledge Democracy and Epistemic In/Justice: Reflections on a Conversation« , un article sur la justice épistémique et la démocratisation des savoirs, co-signé par Isabel Heck (Parole d’excluEsCRISES), Budd L. Hall (University of Victoria) et Baptiste Godrie (Cremis), dans le Canadian Journal of Action Research.
Abstract: The focus of the article is on how knowledge is created, who creates knowledge, how knowledge is co-constructed, whose knowledge is excluded and how knowledge is being used to challenge inequalities and strengthen social movement capacity. This article grew from a fascinating conversation that the three of us had in Montreal in September of 2019. We decided to share our stories about knowledge and justice with a wider audience in part as a way for us to reflect further on the meaning of our initial conversation, but also to invite others into the discussion. Baptiste Godrie works in a research centre (CREMIS) affiliated with Quebec’s health care and social services system, Isabel Heck works with the anti-poverty organization Parole d’excluEs, both affiliated to universities, and Budd Hall works at the University of Victoria and is the Co-Chair of the UNESCO Chair in Community-Based research and social responsibility in higher education.
KeywordsKnowledge production, Knowledge democracy, Epistemic (in)justice, Participatory action research