Inspirations from the South

Workshops ISTR 2020

Inspirations from the South: What theoretical lenses/methodological approaches produced in Latin America might nourish our research projects on social innovation and third sector?

S’inspirer du Sud : quelles approches théoriques ou méthodologiques en provenance d’Amérique latine pour nourrir nos projets de recherche sur l’innovation sociale et le tiers secteur ?

Date: Monday July 6, 2020, from 9h30 to 16h30 (with 1h30 break for a lunch)

Deadline to register: May 31, 2020 or until all spots are filled 

Marlei Pozzebon – HEC Montréal & FGV/EAESP

Sonia Tello-Rozas – ESG UQAM
Armindo dos Santos de Souza Teodósio – PUC Minas
Chantale Mailhot – HEC Montreal
Adriana Ferrarini – UNISINOS
Erika Licon – Concordia University

ISTR – International Society for Third Sector Research
CRISES – Center for research on social innovations/Centre de recherche sur les innovations sociales – pôle HEC Montréal 

Brief description

This workshop seeks to present and discuss what we call ‘inspirations from the South’ in order to promote and nourish an intense North/South dialogue, particularly in the domain of social innovation. Despite the existence of a large body of literature that incorporates a variety of approaches, it should be noted that prevailing social innovation concepts/publications are essentially European and North American. The academic world that is interested in social innovation reproduces the same pattern of cultural domination and colonization of the imaginary that is condemned to other areas of the so-called ‘science’ (Pozzebon et al., 2019). In this workshop, we argue for the value of a greater South-North knowledge sharing by providing an overview of the theoretical traditions coming from Latin America. This includes post-development and buen vivir, participatory action research and social technologies, to cite a few. Although presenting different historical trajectories, what all those streams share is a cultural and political positioning aligned with post-colonialism and post-scientism, challenging numerous premises of the Western vision of progress and science, including the supremacy of technical/scientific knowledge and emphasizing the importance of a higher local/peripherical protagonism.

This workshop will promote reflection and exchange about the possibilities of integrating more purposively Latin American theoretical lenses and methodological approaches in our research projects. The workshop is organized in two parts. In the morning, different participants will introduce different streams, each one debated and discussed to have the core assumptions and main concepts presented. In the afternoon, the participants will be organized in different tables to discuss and work together around one of the streams from the South. Each table will produce a one-page with the results of their discussion. The workshop will end with the organization of one agenda for future activities.    

 Expected number of participants: 30

Criteria for participation: People interested to participate in the workshop should send one-page explaining her(his) connection with theoretical lenses or methodological approaches produced in Latin America and how she(he) will contribute to the theme of the workshop. 

Proposals (one-page) can be submitted in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese before May 31 2020, to :